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Core Essentials Brand By Brandon Burgad

Personal Trainers in Sioux City for adults and kids

Speed and sports specific training for athletes

Training info

Certified Personal Training

Core Essentials provides the fitness training you need to excel at your sport or simply maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  • Functional training
  • Cardio programs
  • Nutrition guidance
  • Clean and motivating environment
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Out-of-town workouts
  • No gym membership fees
  • Use the gym anytime at no extra cost

Sioux City Fitness Studio

At our private fitness studio in downtown Sioux City, you will learn technique, form and style in a warm and inviting environment.

Your workout will always be fresh, motivating and fun, and you'll become a better you!

Step into our studio and experience love at first sight!

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Meet your Goals

Your first workout session at Core Essentials is free. We will define your fitness goals, perform a workout to assess where you are and discuss a strategy to help you meet those goals.

Hit the button below to contact us and let us be your partner in helping you sustain a healthy lifestyle!

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Personal Trainers

Core Essentials personal trainers are professional, friendly, and are rigorously trained to uphold the highest standards in the fitness industry.

Persoanl Trainer Brandon Burgad, leading a  workout session.
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Brandon Burgad

  • BA Exercise Science
  • ISSA Certified Trainer
  • Functional Movement Screen Level 2
  • Alloy
  • 15 years experience
  • Owner

I've been a personal trainer for 15 years and received my BA in exercise science from Briar Cliff University. I've built my whole knowledge and base around functional training.

I've literally helped thousands of men and women of all ages get stronger, leaner, healthier and more athletic.

Todd Clark, personal trainer, at the gym.
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Todd Clark

  • ISSA Certified Trainer

My passion for fitness comes from growing up an athlete and realizing how hard it can be to translate that into an adult lifestyle.

My devotion is to lead clients to a healthier lifestyle by teaching them how to incorporate strength and cardiovascular training and basic nutrition into their busy lives.

Brian Urban, personal trainer.
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Brian Urban

  • ISSA Certified Trainer

I have struggled with weight loss for a majority of my adult life, and by making lifestyle changes I have been able to lead an active and healthy lifestyle.

I want to be the driving force that helps you make that lifestyle change by using cardio and strength training to help you reach and maintain your personal goals.

Available by appointment evenings and weekends.

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No matter where you're at.

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Personal Training Results

A personal trainer with two guys performing functional strength training.

Joe Greer

Joe Greer, Football Player Brandon is really intense - I feel I'm always sweating ... moving and doing something with a purpose all the time.
Personal trainer, Brandon Burgad, leading a fitness workout.

Tammy Doyel

Tammy Doyal, wants to stay in shape. Brandon makes the workouts a lot of fun and interesting - every day is a different workout.
Kid performing a sports workout with a personal trainer.

Cade Hesse

Cade Hesse, Hockey Player He's nice and doesn't yell at you, but he pushes you to work harder.

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Towards a stronger, healthier you.

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Workout & Gym Equipment

Our gym has everthing you need to reach your fitness goals.

As a personal training client, you may use the gym anytime to self-train.

Fitness studio with gym turf.

Gym Turf and Sled

Free weight area.

Free Weights

More barbells and racks and weights.

Rack Weights

Various machines for indoor cardio workouts.

Cardio Equipment

Freestyle fitness area.

Freestyle Area

Infrared Sauna

Infrared Sauna